In response to Article 17 of constitution association’s administrative structure is as follows,

The organization’s organizational structure is as follows–

A. Sponsors and Advisors

A. Principal of Textile Engineering College, Noakhali, will be the main sponsor of the Alumni Association. Besides, Professor and Registrar will be the sole sponsor of the association.
B. Out of the alumni, elite, prominent individuals, who have contributed to the welfare of the Association, can be nominated as a member of the Advisory Council of the Association. The executive committee will finalize the nomination list and advisory functions and activities from time to time. Which can be adjusted if necessary. The sponsor’s recruitment shall be presented by the Executive Committee for consideration of General Council.

B. Executive Committee

According to section 21, there will be an elected executive committee of the organization. All members of the executive committee shall have equal franchise in the meeting of the Committee. But in the case of equal voting, president may give casting vote.

C. Sub-Committee

The executive committee may constitute a sub-committee for specific matters and for a specific period as per the requirement. There must be at least one executive committee member in the sub-committee. The affairs of the sub-committee shall be confined in that regard. In relation to any external matter, he has to coordinate with the executive committee.

D. Staff

To manage the daily work of the organization, the executive committee can appoint officials and staffs as per the requirement. The Executive Committee will be responsible for the daily activities of the officers or employees.